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Struō is an  independent design studio based in Los Angeles. 
We're all about driving positive social change through authentic design,storytelling, and visual experiments. Collaboration is at the core of our studio culture. Whether you're a purpose-driven startup, a socially responsible organization, or an individual, we would love to partner with you. 
Let's imagine futures together!

We create worlds,
We imagine futures.

We provide design and consultancy services.
Specializing in brand strategy, creative direction, and design across multiple platforms.

BrandingBrand Strategy / Communication / Advertising /Campaigns / Packaging

Print /Media DesignEditorial Design / Art Direction / Books / Posters/Information Design / Digital /Social Content/

Service DesignResearch / Ideate/ Prototyping / Implementing

UX ResearchQualitative research / Visualization / Storytelling

Why Us?

        Endless Passion / Collaborative Work /
Emotion/Creativity /Don’t expect the trend /  
We love what we do/ We care.

Our Founder

Eli is a Designer, Creative Director, and Visual Anthropologist. 
With expertise in creative direction, communication strategies, 
and social innovation, she creates impactful experiences through 
human-centered design, research methods, and co-creation. 
She believes that design has the power to foster inclusivity, 
sustainability, and uniqueness. She strive to incorporate these 
values into every aspect of her work.  

More of her creative/experimental work here