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Litoral, an investigative space by Norte Studio, delves into the role of water in food production. Supported by The Ibero American General Secretariat and EARTH University, our Costa Rica project initiated in 2019. We contributed to prototype development, crafted the visual identity, and devised the communication strategy.

Freshwater is essential for various industries worldwide, but agriculture alone accounts for more than 70% of the planet's annual water consumption. With the projected population growth by 2050, we are facing an imminent crisis as the demand for water will surpass our available supply. How to use seawater as a resource, like an alternative to fresh water for food production? We developed an affordable and scalable desalination system specifically designed for family or community gardens, ensuring easy manufacturing and replicatio

"What does water mean to you?" Our aim was to involve participants from various countries in Iberoamerica, fostering inspiration and establishing an emotional connection to the problem we sought to address.

Drawing from these ideas, we developed a cohesive visual system utilizing a color palette and shapes 
inspired by our environment in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This visual identity was applied to the print 
materials we designed, including a construction manual and a poster series.

This initiative addresses freshwater deficit and incorporated citizen participation and design 
methodologies such as design thinking and sustainable design principles.