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CampoCampo is a financial education project for rural communities in Colombia, as part of the training given by Asobancaria in alliance with GIZ, (German Corporation for International Cooperation) to the farmer's community in the region.

We identified gaps in farming communities (economic, social, environmental, gender), including high transaction costs and land ownership problems. These hinder banking access 
and sustainable business development. Our aim was to involve rural communities in financial opportunities, promoting productivity and profitability while providing financial training for families, fostering economic stability.

Our team created an illustrated farming universe inspired by the rural areas of the country, connecting our participants with familiar landscapes that helped 
to foster positive learning experiences.

We created a board game to tackle agricultural challenges. It educates and empowers participants 
to prioritize objectives, make better decisions, and find solutions for their businesses. 

The project includes an educational strategy and a visually appealing game that simplifies complex concepts. Our role involved strategic development, educational methodologies, and creative direction.