Hello! I am Eli, Designer, Creative Director, and Visual Anthropologist.  Working with Visual identity, Publication, Posters, and Digital Media. 

 AssemblyThe Tech Workers Coalition (TWC) team decided to redesign their publication with the intention of turning the newsletter into a program  that collaborators, organizers, workers, educators, and the community find useful and usable. 
This brings a new name: Assembly.

Web Design, UI

Cineco Alt Cinecolombia is the largest film distributor in Colombia. We were commissioned 
to work in the design of graphics for National Theater Live, Exhibition on Screen, 
and  Bolshoi screenings. Our expertise was utilized to create compelling print and social media content for an engaging marketing campaign.  *Commission work 
Arutza Studio.

Poster Design, Print, Marketing Strategy

Crop Revolution Project
A pitch deck that aims to inform and engage potential investors, stakeholders, or collaborators  with CPR (Crop Revolution Project).  Concisely convey the project's key concepts and goals,  moving away from traditional presentations.
Presentation Design

The Kitchenette of Future DustThis book is the result of a research art project that integrates the culinary habits and cultures of collaborators from Taiwan, Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, and various other countries. Led by Placebo Studio in collaboration with the cultural center MediaLab. I designed the book and print material that were installed in the final exhibition.

Editorial, Print, Photography

Good Earth ChocolateGood Earth Chocolate is a brand that blends the richness of chocolate with 
the vibrant flavors of  the Amazon and tropical fruits. It is  committed to sustainability and supporting local communities. I am working on the packaging design, branding, and visual marketing strategy. (Ongoing)

Branding, Packaging Design

Campo Campo is a financial education project for rural communities in Colombia, as part
of the training  given by Asobancaria in alliance with GIZ, (German Corporation for International Cooperation) to the farmer's community in the region.

Visual Identity,Product Design,Education


Sustainable Cities This work was selected by Madrid Gráfica  DIMAD_ for the 2019 edition under the motto: Sustainable Cities as one of the best posters for the annual exhibition in the city of  Madrid, Spain.  The exhibition was held in The Plaza de Juan Goytisolo in 
the square and down the sides of the  Reina Sofía Museum.

Poster Design, Illustration, Editorial

 Aeon Laser USAAeon Laser USA catalog to promote the company's products and services in local and international trade shows. 
Print collateral, Marketing, Catalog

HerbariumHerbarium  aims to empower people to reconnect with nature in their daily lives. Inspired by the  beauty and serenity of natural environments, Herbarium
offers a diverse collection of design  objects, essential oils, and plants.

Branding, Visual Identity, Illustration

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